We Can Help You Meet Your Ongoing Compliance Requirements



As a reporting company in Canada or the US you are required to file quarterly and annual financial reports, current reports, and other filings on a timely and as needed basis. We can’t eliminate that requirement, but we can make it less painful and ensure it is done correctly.

Changes to the reporting and ongoing compliance requirements of reporting companies in the US and Canada are happening quickly and often. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the United States and Nortel/Enron regulatory fall-out in Canada and the US have resulted in several significant filing changes. Stock exchanges, securities commissions and government are all tweaking the securities laws to ensure a more transparent securities market.

We can advise you of the latest regulatory changes and help you draft your periodic financial and current reports, proxy statements, reports on beneficial ownership and securities registration documents in compliance with the latest US and Canadian securities laws and regulations. We can also act as your filing agent on Edgar or Sedar with or without legal advice.

We strongly recommend reporting companies intending to list their securities on the new BBX securities exchange review their periodic reports with an attorney prior to applying for listing. These reports will form a large portion of the review process of the listing staff of the new BBX. Less than professional or inadequate disclosure may prejudice your company’s listing application.

We can also help you prepare your annual general meeting and extra-ordinary meeting and proxy materials, corporate and business filings.

Please contact our office if you think that we may be able to help you meet your ongoing compliance obligations.



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