Cross Border Securities Update: Oct 2007

  • Supreme Court of Canada Decision Clarifies No Obligation to Disclose Material Fact Which Occurs After Receipt for Prospectus but Before Closing the Offering.
  • Under the Radar: Proposed Changes to Regulation D.

Cross Border Securities Update: Mar 2006

  • 32 Recommendations to Ease Regulatory Burden of MicroCap and SmallCap
    Companies in the US
  • Proposal to Ease Deregistration in the US by Foreign Issuers
  • Short Form Prospectus Now Available to
    CNQ and TSX-V Listed Companies in Canada

Cross Border Securities Update: Oct 2005

  • New Prospectus and Registration Exemptions NI 45-106 Effective Sept 14, 2005
  • Rule Changes from the SEC: New Form 10-QSB; Section 404 Compliance by Non-Accelerated Filers Extended to July 14, 2007
  • SEC Proposes Amendments to Accelerated Filer Definition and Periodic Reporting Deadlines

Cross Border Securities Update: May 2004

  • New National Instrument 51-102: Changes to Disclosure Requirements and how they may affect you and your Company
  • Continuous Disclosure and other Exemptions relating to Foreign Issuers: NI 71-102

Cross Border Securities Update: Mar. 2004

  • The New BC Corporations Act

Cross Border Securities Update: Nov. 2003

  • Sarbanes-Oxley: Section 906 Certifications
    Not Required for Forms 6-K, 8-K and
    11-K and Section 404 Not Applicable
    to Form 11-K
  • Why the list on the CNQ?
  • The NEX Board: Widows and Orphans of the TSX Venture Exchange

Cross Border Securities Update: June 2003

  • The BBX: Is Cancelled
  • Insider Reports: Filing Changes
  • CNQ: Canadian OTC Live July 25, 2003
  • BC Company Act: Out with the Old and in
    with the New Business Corporation Act
  • Exciting Changes to BC Small Business
    Venture Capital Act

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The information in these newsletters is of a general nature only about recent developments at the date of issue of interest to our clients.  You are encouraged to contact legal counsel before acting on any information provided.

Author Alixe Cormick has assisted small and micro cap companies through each stage of their growth from inception to graduation to junior and more senior trading forums.

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