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We have successfully assisted companies being listed or quoted on the Pink Sheets, OTCBB, CNQ, AMEX, NASDAQSM, NASDAQNM, Berlin Bourse, the Toronto Stock Exchange and the predecessors to the TSX Venture Exchange. It is our view that each exchange or quotation service has its advantages and drawbacks. You can chose to become a listed company on any of these trading markets by making a formal application or through a reverse merger into a listed company . We can sit down with you and discuss all of your listing/quotation options and help you make an informed decision based on your company reasons for listing and future direction.

In theory companies may apply directly to an exchange without assistance of legal counsel. The question you should ask is whether you have the experience to prepare the application thoroughly and answer the asked and unasked questions of the listing review staff of that exchange. In addition, the review process can be potentially demanding and time consuming particularly if the listing staff of the exchange has an issue that needs to be addressed or worked through before granting final approval. A poorly submitted application could mean denial of listing or higher legal costs if legal counsel must be retained in the middle of the application to deal with a problem that has emerged.

If you are planning to list with an exchange you must also keep in mind that many exchanges have discretionary authority to ban any issuer from listing under informal stated and unstated î™’ublic interest standards? We have had years of experience dealing with various exchanges and their idiosyncrasies in exercising this discretion. We know what to expect and how to address this area of your listing application. We can provide you with advice and guidance in advance whether your company meets the listing requirements of a particular exchange or needs some fine tuning before applying.

If you think we may be able to help you, or you have any queries regarding the TSX, OTCBB, the new CNQ or NEX exchanges, or other listing options in the United States or Canada, please contact our office.


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