The Basics: Our Firm Our Business


Since opening our doors in 1996 over 95% of our clients have had a US focus. Most are listed on the OTC Bulletin Board. We put them there. Truth is over the last five years we have placed over seventy operating companies on the OTC Bulletin Board. Why? It was the right trading market at the right time for these companies. A number of these clients have since moved on to more senior trading markets such as Nasdaq and Amex.

You see we are focused in providing legal and other services to small and micro-cap companies and those who invest and work with these companies. In other words our client base looks a lot like you.

Your company may be a small or micro-cap company but your legal, regulatory and business issues are a big deal to us. We make sure you get off on the right foot by providing you with advice and direction that takes into consideration where you are heading too not just where you are starting from.

We tend to act more like in house counsel than outside counsel for many of our clients, given their needs for someone who can be more than just an executioner of legal services. We share our knowledge and help our clients achieve their goals by setting out all the options.


The Basics

We encourage our clients to call before they make decisions that could result in legal complications. Often just one or two changes makes all the difference in the world in avoiding a legal problem down the road or obtaining a stronger business result.

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