Our Approach


Given our client’s needs we operate differently than most law firms. For instance:

  • We are accessible 24/7. As a client you will have our office, home and cell telephone and fax numbers. That way we are always close at hand when you need us.

  • We give practical advice. The law may allow you to do this or that but does it make sense given your particular circumstance? Is there a better way to reach your goal? We combine legal knowledge with a practical approach to your problems and try to avoid esoteric legal advice. We share our experience to advance your business interests.

  • You set the pace. Priorities are established by your needs and your schedule. Equity markets and deals are fickle. You need to be able to move fast if you don’t want to lose an opportunity to raise money or add to your business. We keep up with the pace you set in order to provide you with the advice, due diligence and documents you need when you need them to capitalize on those opportunities.

  • Fixed fee and value billing. We prefer to work on a fixed fee per project basis whenever possible. It is our belief that when you are on an hourly rate billing system you are hesitant to call for legal help when you really need it because you are forced to constantly evaluate your need in terms of real time and current expense. We want you to call without thinking about how much its going to cost. Fixed fee billing also provides price certainty which we have found all our clients appreciate.



  • Our prices include everyday disbursement costs. We are not in the business of making money through photocopies and word-processing. Our fees include these routine costs as part of doing business. Non-routine photocopying and word-processing jobs are out-sourced and billed to you at cost. We pass along any long distance charges, non-local courier charges, and filing fees. We also charge a separate fee for formatting and filing your documents on EDGAR and SEDAR.

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