Listing Requirements of the Canadian Trading and Quotation System - CNQ


The listing requirements for the CNQ are as follows:

  • fully reporting with the Ontario Commission,
  • not a blank check or inactive company,
  • minimum of 150 public stockholders holding a minimum board lot of 100 shares each,
  • minimum of 500,000 shares publicly held,
  • freely tradable shares must be worth a minimum of C $ 50,000,
  • operating companies must have achieved revenue from sale of goods or services,
  • non-operating entities must have a reasonable plan to develop an active business and the financial resources to carry out that plan.
  • either a cash generating capacity, or a recent history as a listed company and minimum working capital of C $50,000, or a minimum working capital of C $100,000.
  • officers, directors, related persons and investor relations persons associated with the company must have a clean record (clean RCMP and regulatory record).
  • company must not have entered into a settlement agreement with a securities regulator or other authority, known to be related to another offender, or have a consistent record of business failures (particularly with public companies),
  • agreement to comply with corporate governance requirements, and
  • must have letter from market maker agreeing to act as a market maker for securities of company once approved for listing.
  • business plan projecting the activities and financial condition of the company for 12 months from application date.
  • If you are planning to list of the CNQ feel free to print off our CNQ Listing Application Checklist.


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