Summary of the Listing Requirements of the New York Stock Exchange - NYSE


The listing requirements of the New York Stock Exchange are aimed to attract companies with a well established top tier financial record.  The NYSE is the exchange of choice for companies in the financial, manufacturing and natural resource sectors.


New York Stock Exchange Listing Requirements


Initial Listing

Aggregate Pre-Tax Income Over Last Three Years of $6,500,000 achievable as:

Most recent year and
Each of two preceding years, OR

Most recent year
(All three years must be profitable), OR

Aggregate Operating Cash Flow for Three Years
(Each year must be positive, Company must also have $500 mil.
in market capitalization and $100 mil in revenues in last 12
months), OR

Revenues for Last Fiscal Year with Average Global Market Capitalization, OR

An Affiliated Company to a NYSE Listed Company in Good Standing and Parent Retains Control of Entity






# of Public Board Lot Holders, OR

Total Shareholders with
Average monthly trading volume
(6 months), OR

Total Shareholders with
Average monthly trading volume
(12 months), OR




# of Shares Publicly Held


Market Value Publicly Held Stock:

Public Companies

IPOs, Spin-offs, Carve-outs




The New York Stock Exchange also considers other factors such as:

  • company must be a going concern or the successor to a going concern;
  • company is suited to market auction trading;
  • may apply additional or more stringent criteria based on the NYSE's review of the Company, an event, condition or circumstance.

The Board of Directors will be required to abide by the Corporate Governance rules of the NYSE.

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